About Hungry Passport

An and Maja, Creators of Hungry Passport

Hey there 🙂

Hungry Passport offers short, concise, and simply presented information about the world’s major travel destinations. You will currently find our content in the form of YouTube videos and articles on this website.

It all started with a couple of travel vlogs and short video tips on YouTube after a fun trip to Hong Kong and gradually developed into a weekly production of travel-related videos and articles.

We were often struggling to find short, current, and concise information even about the world’s top destinations so instead of waiting for the time when something like that magically appears, we decided to create it ourselves. The feedback we got from travelers gave us the strength to create even more content in different shapes and forms.

There are countless amazing travel destinations around the globe. Our goal is to provide short, simple, and powerful travel advice for as many amazing places on earth as we possibly can. We enjoy to travel and we love to create. If you love to travel too, we hope to make your trip simpler and more fun. One trip at a time, one traveler at a time – that’s our mission.

Do you have a suggestion for us, or imagine a project we could do together? We’ll be happy to talk.

And, of course, we wish you safe, exciting, and fulfilling travels! 🙂

An and Maja
Creators of Hungry Passport